News & Updates

20/11/23 12:00

GIWA November Crop Report

  • GIWA pegged their 2023 WA crop production estimate at 14.5mmt, down nearly 0.5mmt or 3% from last month’s estimate.
  • Crop estimates are below (October 2023 estimates in brackets):
  • Wheat: 7.85mmt (8.12)
  • Barley: 3.65mmt (3.84)
  • Canola: 2.27mmt (2.22)
  • Oats: 0.35mmt (0.38)
  • Lupins: 0.32mmt (0.32)
  • Pulses: 0.064mmt (0.064)

30/10/23 10:19

New Wheat Grade – AUS9

  • CBH have added a new utility wheat grade, AUS9.
  • This follows the earlier addition of utility grades AUH and AUP1 to segregate high protein, high screenings wheat.
  • Loads with a minimum 9% protein and screenings between 5-10% will now be graded AUS9.
  • Any loads of AWWT that have already been delivered, that meet the standards of the new utility grades will be re-graded by CBH (provided the loads have not been optimised or nominated).

20/10/23 12:00

GIWA October Crop Report

  • GIWA lowered their 2023 WA crop production estimate to 14.95mmt, down over 0.5mmt from last month’s estimate and well below the 26.06mmt produced in 2022.
  • Crop estimates are below (September 2023 estimates in brackets):
  • Wheat: 8.12mmt (8.5)
  • Barley: 3.84mmt (3.95)
  • Canola: 2.22mmt (2.26)
  • Oats: 0.38mmt (0.38)
  • Lupins: 0.32mmt (0.35)
  • Pulses: 0.064mmt (0.064)

05/10/23 04:00

CBH Grower Rebates

  • CBH announced there will be no rebates from CBH Operations, Investments or Marketing and Trading this year.

20/09/23 11:30

CBH Reinstate Out of Zone Nominations for 2023/24

  • CBH has reinstated the Out of Zone Nomination option for the 2023/24 harvest.
  • All sites can nominate into Kwinana.
  • All Albany sites can nominate into Esperance and vice versa.
  • Select northern Kwinana sites can nominate into Geraldton.

18/08/23 12:00

GIWA August Crop Report

  • GIWA lowered their 2023 WA crop production estimate to just under 17mmt.
  • Crop estimates are below (July 2023 estimates in brackets):
  • Wheat: 9.15mmt (9.90)
  • Barley: 4.36mmt (4.75)
  • Canola: 2.51mmt (2.59)
  • Oats: 0.46mmt (0.42)
  • Lupins: 0.38mmt (0.38)
  • Pulses: 0.094mmt (0.094)

17/08/23 12:00

Quality Optimisation (QO) Changes

  • QO will be introduced for ASW9.
  • APW2 can only be optimised out of, not into. APW2 will only be achievable at point of delivery.

17/08/23 11:30

New Trial Wheat Grade AWWT

  • CBH has introduced a new trial wheat grade called AWWT.
  • AWWT will become a consolidated grade for wheat previously delivered as ASW1, AGP1 and FED1.
  • Growers can deliver AWWT with moisture up to 13.5%.
  • Growers have the option via LoadNet QO to reverse the trial grade AWWT back into existing pay grades.

17/08/23 11:30

High Moisture

  • CBH has made changes to high moisture grain receivals for the 2023/24 harvest.
  • The moisture receival limit will increase to 13.5% for all feed barley grades and the new wheat trial grade AWWT.
  • The dedicated high moisture segregations and high moisture charges will be removed.

01/06/23 11:53

Emerald Grain Name Change

  • From today Emerald Grain will now trade as Louis Dreyfus Company.
  • Louis Dreyfus Company entered into an agreement to purchase Emerald Grain in September 2022.

01/06/23 11:19

CBH Remove Contracting Restrictions

  • From Tuesday the 6th of June, CBH will remove the 200t trading limit for 2022/23 and 2023/24 season grain. There will be no contract limits in place.
  • CBH will also remove staggered pricing by zone. Prices will be released on LoadNet by commodity throughout the morning each business day.
  • CBH could choose to reinstate restrictions depending on market conditions.

04/05/23 10:33

Changes to CBH Contracting Restrictions

  • CBH will remove the two-day trading suspension for 2022/23 and 2023/24 season grain from the 8th of May.
  • The restriction was introduced in November and meant that grower accounts who secured a contract of 40mt or more were not able to contract with CBH for the following two business days.
  • Other restrictions such as the 200mt maximum contract size and the limit on the number of price refreshes remain in place.

19/09/22 11:30

CBH Pre-Pay Advantage

  • Applications for CBH Pre-Pay Advantage close on 30 September 2022.

19/09/22 11:30

CBH Harvest Pool Update

  • The CBH 2022 Harvest Pool has changed from an open access product to an allocated access product.
  • Allocations will be offered to growers who have used the CBH pool over the past few seasons.
  • The allocation rate will reflect the growers average pool participation over that period.

11/07/22 11:30

GIWA July Crop Report

  • GIWA forecast 2022 WA production at 19.4mmt, down 19% from last year.
  • Production estimates below (% change from last year in brackets):
  • Wheat: 10.1mmt (down 21%)
  • Barley: 5.2mmt (down 18%)
  • Canola: 2.9mmt (down 9%)
  • Oats: 0.60mmt (down 18%)
  • Lupins: 0.51mmt (down 35%)
  • Pulses: 0.062mmt (down 40%)