Grain Market Pty Ltd Privacy Policy Statement

Last amended on 23-11-2011

Personal information collected by Grain Market is for the primary purpose of providing client services. Your personal information will remain strictly confidential and will not be released to third parties for any purpose. Grain Market will maintain personal information in a secure location as per the requirements of the Privacy Act.

Grain Market:

  1. Provides services to clients that may include the provision of information by mail, email, message, fax and SMS.
  2. In the provision of services, Grain Market may collect information about the production and financial resources of the business which are commercially sensitive and confidential in nature.

Collecting your Personal Information

Grain Market understands that subscribers may have concerns about their privacy, the confidentiality and security of information that Grain Market may obtain about them. It is the policy of Grain Market to protect client’s privacy and personal information that is collected. Grain Market will comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act, 1988 and the National Privacy Principles included in the Privacy Act (Private Sector) Amendment Act 2FFF.

We may collect personal information from sources such as:

  1. the registration process;
  2. accessing the portal or using any of our services;
  3. when you email our staff or office;
  4. when required by law

What if you do not provide the Personal Information we require?

Failure to provide the information sought by Grain Market for the purposes detailed may restrict the ability of Grain Market to provide a complete service.

How does Grain Market Secure your Personal Information?

To prevent any unauthorised access to your information, Grain Market has installed computer and network security, including encryption, password protection, anti-spy-software and firewalls. Only Grain Market staff has access to data file information. Hard copies of any information are stored in locked offices and equivalent secure off-site storage areas.

To whom do we Disclose your Personal Information?

To conduct Grain Market operations, Grain Market occasionally engages independent operators and parties, all of whom have similar policies of non disclosure. Accordingly, some information may be used or disclosed in part by Grain Market to:

  1. Enable SMS delivery;
  2. Officers of a government law enforcement agency in connection with the lawful performance of their duty;
  3. A debt collection agency for financial default purposes;

Withdrawing your Consent

If you do not consent to any of the disclosures above, you can write and advise Grain Market at the relevant office address. Grain Market will then contact you and discuss your concerns. If we can not satisfy your concerns, we will ensure that your personal information is not used for this purpose. This exemption cannot apply where Grain Market is required by law to provide such disclosure.

If you do not object to the uses or disclosures as stated above, Grain Market will accept this as having received your consent.

What if you wish to Access your Personal Information?

Upon written request, clients may access the personal information Grain Market currently holds. Grain Market will allow access to your personal information to the extent possible. However, there are times where the organisation is not in a position to do so (e.g. where it would be unlawful to do so). If Grain Market denies you access to this information, Grain Market will notify you of this refusal and the basis for it.

To cover administration costs of providing access to your personal information a charge ($25.00) may be applied.

What if you wish to Change some of the Personal Information held?

Grain Market endeavours to ensure that personal information held is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

Where you believe that personal information held by Grain Market is not accurate, complete or up-to-date, advise Grain Market and every effort will be made to correct the information.

What if you wish to lodge a Complaint?

For any purpose associated with privacy matters including the lodgement of a complaint, Grain Market can be contacted at the relevant office. Your call will be directed to the officer appointed by us to deal with your enquiry or complaint.